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TOP 5 Furniture Designs by Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand was a true visionary in the avant-garde interior design movement, and a true inspiration to many. While she may have passed away in 1999, her style is here to stay! Here are five amazing pieces from her remaining furniture collection.


  1. Ventaglio

Modern table furniture design beige color

Modern table furniture design black color

This one is a table; the top consists of 14 staves, so it can be used for something like a desk all the way up to seating a family dinner. It comes in natural oak, or blackened. The base only has three legs, but the special configuration of the table makes it stable enough to be very safe- no Christmas dinners strewn across the dining room floor with this table.

2. Ombra

Elegant lounge chair white

This is a simple easy-chair, except that it’s chrome plated. The cushions are loose and have removable covers for washing. The stuffing is polyurethane and Polyester, making it very fire safe. It would go well in a reading space or in a comfortable living area- although the metal sides may not be a good idea if you have small children running around not only because they could hurt themselves, but also because you would constantly have fingerprints on your furniture.


3. Riflesso

organizer desk black color

This is a stylish cabinet, described as a container unit, with a black painted wood exterior and a deep wine interior. The sliding doors are aluminum, painted clear so it will never rust or degrade. You can even get it with high or low support feet. The doors slide all the way shut, eliminating that cluttered look-at-all-my-stuff look that you get with china cabinets and similar glass front cabinets. The cabinet is easily moved and well balanced to eliminate the risk of damage to your new cabinet, your floors, or yourself. If you have small animals or children, like any other large piece of furniture, you should make sure that the cabinet is properly secured to the wall.


4. Accordo

area rug

This is an area rug, comprised of four blocks of color- 2 blocks being red, one being yellow and one being black. It was designed specifically to support another design, but could tie into any space. The rug is extra fluffy, and would also do well in a child’s play area, because it’s so soft, or in a work space to save pressure on your legs and feet if sitting and standing repetitively is a part of your job.


5. RIO

wood coffee table

The RIO is a round side table, with a little bit of a different construction. It’s made out of six wedges; three per side, set out of alignment. The wedges have an outside edge of natural oak or black stained oak, and the rest of it is available in a rattan, carrara marble, or black Marquina marble finish. The snaggle toothed look of the table defies the traditional smooth edges and slick style of modern design, and the hole in center could simply add to the personality or you could actually use it, by running the cords for anything you have on the top (be it a lamp, fan, humidifier, etc) through it and down to the plug, keeping kids, animals, or clumsy adults from pulling them off the table.

More design inspirations from Charlotte Perriand coming soon.